Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Resurrection Day!

I noticed this morning at our church that instead of saying, "Happy Easter" everyone was saying, "Happy Resurrection Day!" That's okay and I understand why they're doing that to focus on the true important part of this special day. It felt a bit strange, though. Like instead of saying, "Merry Christmas" if we all started saying, "Happy Birth of Christ Day!" Yes, it would be a more specific name, but we'd lose some of the history and tradition I think.

Daniel and I were discussing Easters past this weekend. I don't ever remember going to a big Easter egg hunting event. We always did small family hunts at home. So did Daniel's family. I think our parents were on to something. This particular Easter is extra special for our family this year because both Gloria and Penny recently joined the family of Christ. I love that Glory has been repeatedly reminding us that she is not just our daughter anymore, but also our sister in Christ. I'm also amazed at the depth of spiritual questions Penny has been asking us. She's really understanding and questioning things on a level that I find surprising in an eight year old. I hope I can emulate her fresh wonder and excitement in my walk with God.

Daniel will hopefully be rekindling that spiritual fire this week when he attends our church's men's retreat at Estes Park Thursday night through Saturday. He's a little nervous since he doesn't normally go to these and it turns out that no one he knows is going. He's getting a ride up there and back from Ron, the other trombone player at church, who he's spoken to a few times and will hopefully get to know better on this trip. The theme of the retreat is "Act like a Man". It will be interesting to find out from Daniel when he comes back what that means.

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