Saturday, February 02, 2008

Temporary Cubbie

While Bunny is here she has been going to Latte's AWANA Cubbie class on Wednesday nights. She really likes it, but we're not sure whether we should shell out the money to sign her up. We just don't know what her future holds or how long she'll be with us.

She got to visit her grandparents this week. She's anxious to be back with them, but we haven't been given any information or any kind of time frame regarding how soon she could go home. We just keep telling her that her old home wasn't safe for kids so her grandparents are working on getting a better home ready with a nice new room for her. This photo is of the kids at Cubbies playing Duck Duck Goose. Latte's in the middle since she got tagged and Bunny is in the bottom right corner.

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