Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Four Daughters

I don't think I've really fully grasped the idea that I have four daughters yet. I do know that I've had to allow more time to get ready in the mornings because I've got to brush and style hair for myself and four little girls. I've also had to purchase more rubber bands since they seem to wander off at twice the usual rate now. One of the major changes to our household has been that Latte keeps getting in trouble for whispering at bedtime and nap time. She loves having a room mate, but it's definitely more work getting them to sleep.

A nice benefit to having another little girl Latte's age in our home is that they play together while I'm getting school work done with Danya and Gloria. On the other side of that coin, though, I have to be constantly alert for silence which signals me that they are getting into mischief again. The other day Latte took all her blankets and pillows, piled them up against the wall in Kevin's room, climbed onto his bed and used his curtains to swing on like Tarzan and fall into the mound of bedding. Of course the curtains shredded, the curtain rod bent, and the whole thing ripped out of the wall. These two girls have managed to find all new kinds of mischief and destruction previously unknown in our home. Through it all I just keep thinking, "Thank God they aren't teenagers!"

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cami said...

Aw, how cute is that! I'd love 4 little girls, myself!