Saturday, February 23, 2008

Popcorn and Chocolate

Thursday night Danya decided to share her "special time" after the little ones were in bed. She, Penny, and Gloria had popcorn, milk, and chocolate while watching a "Hannah Montana" DVD. We had never seen HM before, but Penny assured us it was 'great'. I've heard of HM, but didn't realize it was Billy Ray Cyrus and his kids on the show. I remember the controversy when I was younger and he sang, "Achy Breaky Heart". Everyone was saying that he stole the song from his brother. I wonder if that was ever prove true or false?

Last night, Friday, Penny got to have her first ever "special time" and she chose to share it with Danya and Gloria. In our family you have to be five or older to get a night of the week where you can stay up an hour late and choose what activity you want to do. At least one parent is required to participate. I was at a crop that I'd signed up for over a week ago, so Daniel got to enjoy eating cookies with whipped cream, having a dress up fashion show (he was the photographer), and getting "monkey rides" to bed. That means that each kid gets a turn to wrap their arms around Daniel's arm and he carries them through the house to their beds one at a time while they swing like monkeys. Glory and Penny loved it, but Danya opted for an airplane ride instead.


Delaina said...

Sounds like they had a really fun evening. I bet it helped Penny to feel special and loved.

Hope you had fun at your crop!

Dreama's Thoughts said...

Rylee love what I should say LOVES!!! Hannah Montana. It is really it is crazy. I'm glad she is getting along with the other girls!

I have a good life said...

I have not been blogging for a bit...and your girls' hair is short! I have done locks of love a couple times. It is a good feeling to help out this way. Good luck with the scheduling. I think you will get used to it faster than you think. I love that you have six kids! What a blessing you are!

liveurlife said...

So many changes in the last few weeks. I just wanted to wish you luck with school. I hope it is a positive experience for your family.