Friday, February 29, 2008


Thursday night Daniel and I called Shannon to babysit and were happily looking at movie listings online so that we could go out when Danya reminded us that her special time was going to start at 8pm, right in the middle of the movie. Oops. No problem, we could just bring her along, too. Then Penny started asking why she couldn't go. The next night would be her special time and she'd be happy to just skip that and go with us to the movies instead. Danya thought about it and decided she'd like to have another kid along. So our movie expenses instantly doubled.

We let Penny go contingent on getting her math homework done. That was a fantastic motivator! She went from crying that it was too hard and confusing, to amazingly suddenly being able to understand borrowing and carrying. Imagine that. Miracles do happen. The kids enjoyed the movie although they both ended up clinging to us during the scary parts. I'd say it's not a movie for younger kids. Danya and Penny were probably borderline old enough because the movie was very scary. I even yelped out loud at one part! It was a fun night overall.

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Homeschool Housewife said...

Tyler has been reading the books to me whenever we are driving in the car. We are about to start book 5 and they have been great for him. Not so long that he gets bored or tired of reading, lots of stopping places for when we get where we are going, and some new words thrown in here and there for vocabulary and strengthening his reading skills. We are planning a trip to the movies, just he, Dad and I as soon as we finish. Good to know that the girls liked it. And what a great treat for them to have that special time with you two.