Saturday, February 23, 2008

School Registration

Life changing. That's what this will be. I know it's selfish, but I keep thinking how this simple act is going to be the beginning of a massive lifestyle change for the next few months.

We enrolled Penny in third grade at a local elementary school on Thursday. She was none too impressed with the school while we were there, but that's expected in a little girl who will be starting her third school within a two week period.

Our lives will now alter to revolve around her school schedule. We have to have her ready to walk to the bus stop by 7:30 and be home to pick her up at 3:20. Then there are all the other school events that we'll need to plan our lives around. Monday it starts when I'll have to call to change our other two foster daughter's appointments with their families so that they are either before or after that 3:20 window. I know the rest of the population faces these same scheduling issues for five days a week, 9 months a year, but it seems like such a loss to me. One of the reasons we love homeschooling is the freedom.

There is also the factor that it will be harder to spend one-on-one time getting to know Penny, bonding, helping her to feel like part of our family, when she will be gone for such a large chunk of the day and then working on school work for a portion of the evenings and weekends, too. I'm afraid she'll feel left out when she's shipped off to school while all the other kids get to spend the day with me. Already we've been receiving the same question from everyone, "Why aren't you going to homeschool her, too?" As if we are kicking her out because she's a foster kid and not worthy of my time. That is so far from the truth. She's already been sitting in with us when I homeschool Danya and Gloria and she loves it. She's such a bright little girl. She participates in the games and discussions about the subject. Right now it's George Washington and the American Revolution. We're learning about both ancient history (the Middle Ages) and American history concurrently.

I'm going to be praying for both Penny to do well in her new school and for our family, that this becomes an opportunity to "see how the other half lives" and make new friends and that it doesn't over stress us all. Please pray for peace and unity for all of us.

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Delaina said...

Prayers for peace and unity are going up from here. Praying that all goes well for Penny at school, too. I just can't imagine what the past few weeks have been like for her. I'm glad to know that she can be united with her sister. Not knowing how the foster care system works leaves me with a lot of questions about these types of situations with the kids and their siblings. I may have to start researching it.

If you have any recommendations on places to learn about foster care, would you mind sharing them with me? I had always thought I would either adopt or foster children when I was younger. My husband is not so quick to be on board with the idea but maybe more information would help him make a decision.