Friday, February 15, 2008

Twist and Shout!

Since the weather was perfect Wednesday I took the four older kids to the park during Kevin and Daniel's nap times. Latte wanted to try out this twisty pole for the first time, but she was scared. So Gloria and Danya showed her how to do it, I walked her through it step by step, and she did it! After the first hesitant time down with me holding a hand on her the whole time, she was ready to tackle it alone.

She kept rushing up to do it again and again yelling, "Mommy, look! I'm doing it!" She was so proud of herself. She encouraged Bunny to try it once, too. Bunny made it down, but wasn't interested in doing it again. She is just so petite that her tush falls right into the middle of the twisty loops. She did, however, master the pole that goes straight down. She's very strong for her small size.

Meanwhile, Glory asked me to help her swing on another toy that spins in a circle and I ended up accidentally spinning her too hard. She smashed her thigh into a pole and we had to cut our park time short so that I could carry her home. What a day. I hope we get more beautiful weather soon.

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