Friday, February 29, 2008

Last Supper

A week or so ago the group of Christian bikers from our church that feeds the homeless in downtown Denver twice a month provided their very last Sunday supper. Daniel stayed up late Saturday night working on special peanut butter cookies with candy Hershey Kiss centers.

Dan Ice, the guy using the belt sander in this photo, says that the location they've been using to serve the food is being torn down and the city of Denver won't renew their permit... until after the Democratic convention. Can't have t.v. cameras showing *gasp!* actual homeless people near the convention center. It might somehow reflect poorly on the lavish spending of the Democrats during their big event.

Daniel took the older girls with him on Sunday afternoon to hand out the cookies and help with the meal while I stayed home with the three little ones who had crashed directly after church. I wish I could have gone since it was our last chance for quite a long while. I hope those people will have somewhere else to get a meal. Dan and his group are so faithful. They serve the meal in rain, shine, or snow. I know their servants' hearts meant a lot to the people they helped.