Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Swimming Against the Tide

"Swimming against the tide? Conservatism goes against the ease of the population, the vapidity of cosmic justice like fairness and inequality that sounds so good. Conservatism is constantly swimming against the tide, because it's hard. Conservatism is an intellectual application. One arrives at conservatism after having thought about things, after having been curious. You know, liberalism is simply what you feel. You feel good about things. It's the most gutless choice that you can make. Anybody can be a liberal. ...

Liberal is not something somebody has to be convinced of. It's not something you have to run around and persuade people about. You don't have to argue with them to change their minds. It's just the natural ease of dealing with ephemeral issues and it is not really solving them, but making you and everybody else think you care deeply about them. Conservatism is not easy. It takes work. It takes thought, conviction against easy answers from the left that do not work but they sound wonderful -- and it really grates on a lot of conservatives who have devoted their lives to try to bring the ideology to as many people as possible; remind them it's the structure and basis for the founding of our country. It just grates to have people on our side so easily defect and then turn around, and turn the guns on us as though we are the problem, which is what is happening with the McCain campaign. Senator McCain successfully targeted the weak, the mushy, the squishy, the Jell-Os, some of the left, the Drive-By Media. The maverick... Here's the dirty little secret. The "maverick" is swimming with the majority. The maverick is not a maverick. The maverick is with the majority, and he's swimming very easily with the tide. He's not a maverick." - Rush Limbaugh


cami said...

Gutless-? Wow. Yes, Senator McCain, former POW, is certainly "gutless".Nothing wrong with disagreeing with his politics, but "gutless"...puh-leeze.

Besides- you have nothing to worry about! McCain may get the Republican nomination, but he won't be president. That's going to my girl, Hillary.

(I just couldn't resist, Jess, I just COULDN'T!!!!)

Jess said...

You know, I'll actually be very surprised if the Republicans win it this time around. I've already decided that I won't vote for McCain unless he picks a VP who is almost the opposite of himself. However, if it ends up being between McCain and Hillary, I think McCain's odds of winning increase based on the anti-Hillary vote. Obama just isn't as hated as she is, so I think he could easily beat McCain since McCain cannot rally the conservative base of his party.

cami said...

If McCain won, I'd not be upset.But I think picking a VP who is ultra-conservative would be "pandering", something he hasn't ever done before, and I admire him for. It would be a wasted gesture anyway (what does the VP really do, other than get a vote in the Senate?) and I think would buy him more bad will than good.

My conservative DH is really leaning towards Obama, so I tend to agree with you about him beating McCain easier than Clinton. If Obama can sway my life-long Republican husband, well, what can't he do? I still think he isn't qualified enough for the job, though, which is why I'm voting Clinton. (Unless something major hapens- we still have a good while until November!)

Glad you aren't upset I got all politicy on your blog. ;) I enjoy reading it, and while we are political polar opposites, we both home school and I enjoy reading home school blogs a great deal! I am also drawn to your posts about life with foster children- that is something I would love to do. DH isn't on board with that, and I am always soliciting prayers for his heart to change on that subject!