Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My First Caucus

Daniel and I got Sarah to babysit tonight while we went to our first caucus ever. Each table you see in this photo represents a different precinct. Our group only ended up having nine people in it. We took a straw poll which just means a vote to see what we think that really carries no weight whatsoever. Of the seven people who arrived on time and were allowed to vote we had supporters for:
Romney - 3
Huckabee - 3
Ron Paul - 1

A very knowledgeable and outspoken man named Steve and I were both elected to be the delegates to our county and state caucuses where the actual election will take place. Daniel was chosen as the alternate. I also got to be the secretary at tonight's caucus, which just means that I got to fill out the paperwork and count the votes. It was all very interesting and I learned a lot.

Daniel and I were also chosen as our precinct's comittee members for the next two years, which means we will be given a list of everyone in our precinct the next time a caucus comes up. We plan to use that opportunity to call and send out notices to everyone so that they will know where and when to vote. One couple that came late tonight was very upset that they didn't get to vote. They didn't know that they had to be there by 7 pm or they would not get to vote. Daniel and I had a hard time finding out where to go tonight, too. We want to make sure next time that as many people as possible at least have the information they need to vote if they want to.

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cami said...

How cool is that!

I'm from a caucus state, too and at my first one I was a whopping 18 years old! The youngest in the room (we had 7 from our precinct show up) by about 30 years. Good times.