Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Not OSHA Standards

Saturday morning Daniel took the three oldest girls to church for the AWANA derby car build day. They had started working on their cars, but they needed help getting them to completion. The Ice brothers, Justin and Dan did the construction work. Justin, who is the director of the AWANA program at our church, was in charge of drilling a hole and filling it with liquid metal to help get the car to the proper weight. His brother, Dan, ran the belt sander to smooth out the curves on the cars.

Gloria is attempting to make her car look like a submarine sandwich, Danya is going for a classic race car look, and Penny is converting an old derby car of Danya's to make it look like a crouching cat. They enjoyed carving and spray painting their cars. Unfortunately, Danya's spoiler on the back of her car, which was it's coolest feature, was promptly broken by Bunny as soon as she brought it home.


April said...

Hi Jess,
I so often hear and see the pictures you share of AWANA. They always look so great and seems like you guys enjoy it so much. I am going to try to do some yahoo searches to learn more about this. Do you know is this something offered in all states and all churches?(I am assuming it is church related, we are not currently members of a church) Is it something I could get my children involved in here in SC? Is it expensive? I'm not sure if you could help with these questions, but maybe point me in the right direction?


Jess said...

You can find a local AWANA program here: http://awana.findlocation.com/

It's a great program, that comes from the Baptist church, but can be used in any church that agrees with their basic faith doctrines. We found one church that was rejected because of some odd beliefs they promoted. You don't have to be a member of a church to attend the AWANA program.

If you buy the book and vest you may be out about $15 to $20 total for the entire year. Pretty good deal if you ask me. Plus, the kids earn AWANA bucks for every two verses they memorize in any given week. Those can be used on "store night" (like tonight) to buy toys and games. So you can actually figure you're getting free stuff, too for that low price.

Jess said...

Oh, and we re-use the books and vests, passing them down to the next kid when they are ready for them. So we save even more. Latte is wearing Danya's old vest currently. Gloria is using Danya's "Hiker" book.