Saturday, February 02, 2008

Snow Surprise

The weather report Wednesday said that we might get a few flurries, a light dusting perhaps, of snow. Instead we got a few inches! Yesterday we let the kids go out and play in it. Gloria immediately got in trouble for hitting Bunny with a snowball that got directly in her mouth and ran down inside her coat. That's why Glory looks so grumpy in this photo. We told her no more snowballs and set her to shoveling snow. She actually had fun with that and did a good job.

While they were outside freezing their begonias off, I was inside working on scrapbook pages. Wendy, the scrapbook store lady, had asked me yesterday if I could bring in some example pages that show how to use my kits. She said she's had a lot of interest in my classes, but that people aren't sure how to actually use the pieces on their pages, probably because they are pretty big. Today I'm going in to the store to deliver the pages and also to attend the Saturday crop. I'm disappointed that it's been cut short, but it's still 8 hours of uninterrupted crop time.

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Delaina said...

Sounds like you have a great day ahead of you. Probably much needed after the very busy week you've had. I hope you can post pictures of your finished layouts :).