Friday, February 08, 2008

Kevin's Latest Interests

Lately Kevin has developed an intense love for Dora the Explorer and Blue's Clues. We don't get actual television at our house, but we do have some old recordings and videos of both shows that we bought or recorded when Danya was about this same age. When he sees a backpack he'll wave his arms back and forth while singing, "Packpack! Packpack!"

Sometimes it's hard to believe that Kevin is just 19 months old. He speaks so well, putting three and four words together to make a sentence or tell a story. He'll come up to us and say, "Ow!" while pointing to some part of his body. Then he'll say, "Nay-a, push, me" and fall down on his hands and knees to show us just how Bunny pushed him to the ground. Then he'll say, "No! No!" and take my hand to lead me to her so that I can ask her why she pushed Kevin and tell her to apologize. When it's Kevin who has done the injury to someone else he'll say, "Soddy" and give them a big hug.

He is so loving. Whenever one of the girls cries or is in time out he'll go over to them and start hugging them and patting them on the back. Sometimes he'll just stand next to them with his arm around their shoulders. It's the cutest thing. He takes his role as the only brother in the family very seriously.

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