Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Growing By 2 Feet

Our family grew today by two feet. We got a call this afternoon asking if we'd be interested and if we had room to take Bunny's big sister. We said, "YES!" We've had an extra bed ready in Danya's room since the begining just waiting to add an older girl to our group. As of about 4 o'clock today we have six kids!

It was a little chaotic for her first night since we were hurrying to get ready for AWANA and band practice. She did come just in time to enjoy the delicious dinner Daniel made for us, though: breaded chicken, corn, and peaches, yum! She did really well at church despite the fact that she was tired and wanting to just go home. She sang along during worship time, raised her hand and answered several questions during green meadow time, and got chosen quite a bit during game time. She was sort of instantly popular because she was visiting our class of first and second graders and she is a "big third grader".

Tomorrow we will go see about enrolling her in school. I'm glad we took the time to check out all the different area schools last summer so we know which one we'd like to enroll her in. She's almost exactly a year older than Danya and her birthday is about a week after Kevin's. She's happy that she gets to be with Bunny. They've both been holding hands and hugging a lot tonight. She even gave Bunny a bedtime hug and kiss after she was tucked in. I'm not sure if Bunny really remembers her since they haven't lived together in a long time, but she's loving having a sister.

Since I can't use her real name I've been thinking about a nickname for her. She is very much a "mother hen" to all the little kids. The first "hen" name I thought of was "Henny Penny" who did all the work to bake the bread but couldn't get anyone to help. So for her nickname, to protect her identity, I'm going to call her "Penny" on this blog.


Dreama's Thoughts said...

congrats Jess, your not going to homeschool her also?

Jess said...

My county doesn't allow foster children to be homeschooled. It varies by county here in CO. Would if I could but I can't.

It's been shown to be beneficial many times in foster care. That way if the kid is in a short term situation they don't have to start a new school and get yanked right back out again. But what can you do? It's really hard for Penny since she was in her last school only a week! Now here she goes in another one.

Dreama's Thoughts said...

That is really sad. But you have to follow the rules. And they wonder why sometime kids in foster care hate school. good luck girl!