Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Horn Harmony

Sunday the praise band performed the special music that Ron, the trombone player in this photo, arranged. It featured special parts for trombone and trumpet. They sounded good and both did a great job. I was supposed to play along with the saxophone part, but I managed to lose track of my music TWICE. Yes, I feel like a disorganized loser.

The first time was my fault. I don't have any clue how I lost my music. Ron kindly printed me another copy. The second time was half my fault. I left my music within Kevin's reach, and he grabbed it and threw it all over the house. Daniel cleaned up, but that particular sheet music was missing. So I didn't end up playing that song on Sunday. I'll get an opportunity to let the church hear how (badly I play) much I'm improving soon, though. Ron is going on vacation after next Sunday which means I'll have to play the trombone part by myself for two Sundays in a row. EEEEeeekkk!!

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