Friday, February 29, 2008

Unexpected Library Day

Wednesday morning I took the kids out to the bus stop and we all stood around and waited... and waited. Finally I decided we couldn't wait any longer. There were no other kids out there. We must have missed the bus somehow.

So we ran back to the house, loaded up the van, and rushed off to Penny's school. It was deserted. No cars, no people, nothing. I called Daniel who looked at the school calendar they had given us the previous week and it had a little circle around Wednesday. It turns out that was one of their "late start" days. We had two hours to kill before school. So I drove home, grabbed Daniel and the rest of our ducklings and headed to the library to return books... where we were also early because it doesn't open until 9 am.

I ended up reading to them outside the door for about 20 minutes. While we were there we found a series of videos The Way Things Work. We grabbed the first 20 of them and have been letting the kids watch them as part of our homeschool day. They're cartoons that teach science concepts and explain things like gears, pulleys, electricity, musical instruments, etc. The kids love them! The librarian also told us about another library located at 105th & Huron. So after we dropped off Penny, we went to that one, too. I found several good books there that I'm currently working my way through. I may post about them later. It was a good day.

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