Friday, February 08, 2008

When it Rains, It Pours!

While Daniel was with Latte at the Children's Hospital Thursday morning I was busy calling friends from church to get a referral to a good plumber. Our music minister, Les, told me to call Brother's Plumbing. They came out in under an hour and had the whole thing fixed before Daniel and Latte came home.

Danya and Gloria had noticed the wall bulging out the night before as water was clearly running down the inside of the wall of the downstairs bathroom. Daniel tried to find where it was coming from, but couldn't locate the source. We figured it was from the upstairs bathroom so we closed that room off and told the kids to just use the downstairs one. That didn't stop the leak, so the next morning we shut the water off entirely.

The plumber, after getting a ladder and contorting himself around the pipes inside the utility room behind the bathroom, was able to find a small pipe with a hole in it spraying water directly against the back of that wall. This is the same wall that we had to hire someone to patch for us when we were remodeling that bathroom. We pulled a large medicine cabinet out of the wall and had him patch the wall so that we could hang a much smaller cabinet. Now that section of wall will have to be replaced again right away. My friend, Tiffany, says that we need to get it done fast before mold starts to grow. The fun never stops around here.

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