Monday, January 28, 2008

Mixed Feelings

Tonight I went by the scrapbook store to see if my class kits were on display yet. They were, so I took some pictures. Wendy, the store owner, is working on February's newsletter that will go out soon announcing all the classes and new items in the store.

Although it was fun to see the things I made up on the wall, it was also a little intimidating. I'm very nervous about having to present this as a (hopefully) interesting class to a room full of strangers. I'm afraid they'll think it's boring because it's just a lot of assembly work, or that they'll be overwhelmed by the amount of detail work and no one will be able to get it all completed during the two hours of class time. I'm thinking about asking if I can just sit in and watch another class being presented so that I can see what's expected.

I ran into Jane again while I was in the store. She plays saxophone in the praise band and sits in front of me. This is the second time I've run into her at that store so of course her first words were, "Are you always here?" It's been surprising me how many women at my church I keep finding out are in some way involved with scrapbooking or card making. I'm thinking about handing out the store's February calendar, letting people know I'm teaching a couple of classes there, and seeing if anyone is interested. But there's always the weird situation of not wanting to solicit people at church. I still remember trying to sell stuff at church for school fund raisers when I was a teen and how awkward that was. It would be nice, though, to have at least one person I know there for "moral support".


cami said...

Aw, I bet they would be thrilled to get a class calendar!

Your class looks darling!

April said...

I am sure you will do great teaching the class.

As for handing them out at church, If you do not feel comfortable handing them out, maybe there is a place near the entrace you could ask to see if it would be ok to leave them. That way if someone is interested in scrapbooking they could pick one up and if not then that's ok too.

Remember to have fun during your class.