Monday, January 21, 2008

Kid Sister

Gloria is really enjoying being a big sister to her two little sisters. All the younger kids love her. The other night when Kevin was throwing a fit in his room at 2 am and I was trying to wait and see if he'd fall back asleep he started crying, "Gorya!" like he was hoping she'd come rescue him from his bed.

I think they love her because she is fun and silly. She makes crazy faces with Bunny until they both crack up laughing. She tickles Kevin. She plays tag with Latte all over the house. Tonight I asked Gloria and Bunny to let me take their picture since they were both wearing matching shirts and Bunny instantly hugged Glory tight and grinned.

Bunny is really fitting in as if she's always been here. I hope they don't move her soon like they did with Curly Top and The King.
The only problems we've had so far have been somewhat minor. She doesn't eat or drink much, hates to be told to "try" to go potty, and today she bit Kevin because he wouldn't let her go down his slide. On the other hand, she always wakes up happy and she immediately started calling us "mama" and "daddy". None of the other kids call me "mama" so I'm not sure where that's coming from exactly. They all call me "mommy" except Latte who switches between that and my actual name. Latte and Bunny play together all day long and act like they've always known each other. I thought it would be harder than this to have five small kids. I'm really enjoying being a mom of five! Daniel is too, but he says that he hopes our county doesn't start thinking that we want to specialize in 3 year olds.

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