Sunday, January 06, 2008

Scrapping and Teaching

Friday night I decided to go to a crop the next morning at my local scrapbook store, the Stamp and Scrap Station. When I called to see if there were any spots left for their all day crop I found out that there was only one person signed up. So I called Sarah and asked her to come stay the night and go with me to the crop the next day.

We had a wonderful time just yakking about nothing in particular and working on scrapbook pages. Sarah made some little accents for pages, too. The only downside for her was that she didn't have many photos so I let her use some of my doubles. She likes scrapbooking pictures of my kids for her album. She babysits them at least once every two weeks, and Kevin adores her. She's going to be a good mom someday.

While we were there I got 6 12x12 pages done and 24 blog album pages done! I outscrapped the competition by a long shot. Sarah and I had the crop room to ourselves for the first two hours, and then four other people ended up coming. I met a woman who is planning to start homeschooling her oldest this Fall. We were very like-minded so we talked almost non-stop.

The best news of the evening was that I finally got my courage up to bring some of my hand made scrapbook kits and items to show the store owner. She told me that I absolutely MUST teach a class at her store! She says that her classes typically have 8 to 10 people signed up, paying $15 each and that I would get to keep all the profit after I subtract however much it costs me to make up the class kits. I have to make the kits using material from her store, but I get a discount. I'm excited and nervous all at once! I've always wanted to teach scrapbooking classes. I'll be sure to post pictures of the kits I come up with. I've already got several in mind!


April said...

What a great opportunity to be able to teach something you love doing!! That's so good that you attended the crop. It always amazes at times how things work out. I'm so happy and excited for you!!!

Can't wait to see the new pages!!!

Delaina said...

How cool is that, Jess! I'm so happy for you and (loving to scrapbook myself) I know it will be a great opportunity and blessing in your life.

Please share your kits. I'd love to see them and gather ideas. :)

I love your idea of scrapbooking from your blog. I did something similar (not quite as pretty) a few years back on my other blog when I just started printing the pages and putting them in a 3 ring binder. Your way is so much prettier!

Glad to see you back in blog world. Have a blessed week!

Dreama's Thoughts said...

oh congrats girl...I wish Ponca had a scrapbooking store..I would be there every week if I could. I love your ideas I need to show some of mine sometime, glad to see you up again!!!