Monday, January 14, 2008

Not Necessarily a Need

We are of the firm opinion that while the homeless population of Denver appreciates the warm blankets, quilted sleeping bags, hats, and of course good food that a group of Christian bikers from our church provides them twice a month, deep down what they really need is a rich delicious fresh baked helping of home made baked goods...preferably involving chocolate.

Okay, so it's not a need in the traditional sense, but sometimes you just long for a taste of home. This weekend the kids helped make several batches of Ghirardelli triple chocolate brownies. They were a hit! No one could resist the siren call of their chocolately goodness or the inherent cuteness of little girls saying, "Have some. I baked them for you myself!"

Kevin was having a little difficulty understanding the concept of making something that smelled that wonderful and then NOT eating it. So he tried to slowly sneak a taste up to his mouth just as I was taking this group picture, but he got busted! No problem, he just waited until the perfect moment when the bowl was left unattended. Success!

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