Saturday, January 12, 2008

What We're Reading Now: Biographies

Currently we have been slowly but steadily working our way through two biographies. One is the Martha Washington book in the Childhood of Famous American's series, which coincidentally is part of the U.S. history reading in the Sonlight curriculum we are looking into buying. The other is a biography of Albert Einstein.

Of the two, the Martha Washington book is more at the appropriate age level for Danya and Gloria. We are going very very slowly through the Einstein book as we stop to discuss each of these theories and ideas he came up with. I want to make sure that they really understand it as best they can, not just read through it quickly. We had to re-discuss one of his theories that was used as a basis for current cell phone technology because when we first finished talking about that one Gloria wrote a paper that said that Albert Einstein invented the telephone. Oops! Mostly, though, I just want them to get a general idea of his life and why he was important to the development of science. Not that it's historical in any way, but we had fun watching the movie I.Q. recently since one of the main characters is Einstein.

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