Saturday, January 19, 2008

On the Air!

Tonight I was on the radio! It was so much fun! I was stopping to get a video from RedBox when I happened to turn on the Trevor Carey show on 710 am KNUS. He was playing a funny clip of Hillary Clinton trying to use a black accent to recite a poem and asked people to call in if they wanted to request a clip of any other Presidential candidate speaking. So on a whim I decided to call. I was so shocked when I got through immediately. The call screener put me right through and I was the very next person on the air!

I asked Mr. Carey if he'd play a clip of Fred Thompson laying out all the reasons why Mike Huckabee isn't a true conservative. This happened at the last GOP debate about a week ago. He asked me who I was supporting for President and I said, Fred Thompson because he's the only real conservative candidate who has been steady in his views throughout his political career. He, apparently, is a big Ron Paul supporter so we got into a whole debate about the Iraq war, overseas military bases, the founding fathers, and a slew of topics related to that. We argued all the way to his commercial break when he said we'd have to agree to disagree. After the break he talked about me a couple more times and played the clip I had requested. I was so excited that I really got to discuss important issues in such a public forum. It was awesome!


Sarah said...

How cool. That really helps people see new views on the electons since many people don't know him or pays much attencion to him.

Chelsea said...

I just heard on the news that Fred Thompson has bowed out. So who does that leave us with?

Jess said...

He could still be the VP. I'm having trouble with this news, too, because now it will be down to voting between the lesser of two bad choices.