Friday, January 11, 2008

Musically Inclined

Danya and Gloria began taking guitar lessons this week with Anna, the daughter of our church's worship leader. This week she taught them two chords and the names of the different parts of a guitar. The brown guitar in this photo is the one we gave them for Christmas. It's a real guitar, but smaller for their size. We got it on sale at the local music store. The girls are both so excited to be taking lessons from Anna.

They've been practicing all week and love putting stickers on the practice charts that Anna made for them. I told them as long as they practice regularly and behave well during the lessons that we'll continue with them. We were fortunate that Anna was willing to give them lessons for the price per hour that we typically pay our babysitters. Danya says it's been a mark of pride at church when they told their friends that they are taking lessons with Anna. Apparently she is very well liked and who knows? Maybe Anna will get more students through word of mouth. It's a pretty nice little first business for a 10 year old.

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Delaina said...

Oh, this is such a blessing to have Anna showing your girls how to play guitar. I know my girls have wanted to learn how to play for a few years now but we don't know anyone that can teach them without charging an unreal amount of money each month. *sigh*