Monday, January 21, 2008

5 Little Monkeys

Saturday morning we went shopping for a few little things for Bunny like socks and pull ups. We also went to Sam's Club to print another batch of our "card" because we can get two wallet sized prints their for 17 cents. Our card is just a copy of the title bar of our family blog with our email and website listed on it. We get lots of opportunities to hand them out to people who want to know more about our homeschool or who want to arrange something with us via email.

When we went to Sam's all the kids wanted to ride in the oversized shopping cart together. Poor Bunny looked a little squished but she was smiling and laughing. I think she's enjoying having siblings close to her age for the first time. Her biological siblings are both teenagers and didn't live with her, just like Latte's big sister. When my 5 little monkeys aren't riding in carts, we try to keep them walking close to me. I'll say, "Come along my little ducklings" and they'll follow after me in a line while occasionally singing our duck song. Or sometimes we'll all "spaghetti up" which means that we hold hands in a wide row and wiggle our arms pretending to be one long spaghetti noodle. Every kid we've ever done that with has just loved it.

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