Monday, January 28, 2008

Worn Out

This past week or so has been pretty crazy for all of us. My jury duty lasted all the way through Friday which meant that Daniel had the kids all day from about 8 am to 6 pm every day. He ended up taking PTO days from work on Tuesday and Wednesday. There just wasn't an opportunity for him to sleep before he'd have to be at work.

I think the laws need to be changed in some way for jurors who are stay at home parents. Employed jurors are required to be compensated by their jobs for the days they miss. SAHM's, on the other hand, have to rely on a spouse or possibly pay someone to care for their kids during those days which results in lost wages for that person or having to use up vacation days.

Wednesday was particularly tiring since after a full day of court (for me) and a full day of running kids to appointments (for Daniel) my family picked me up from the courthouse and we went directly to AWANA at church. I ended up having to miss band practice. Daniel brought me my costume since it was "dress up like something God created during creation week" night. I have to admit we were all pretty funny looking. Danya was a cat (although I wished she'd worn the Eve costume she first came up with) and Gloria was a tree. Daniel had a giant fish hat on his head and I was wearing Gloria's upside down hula skirt on my head. They informed me that I was supposed to be sea weed. Our AWANA director was doing paper work with Daniel when she finally told him, "I just can't take you seriously with that fish on your head."

Thursday night Daniel and I got Shannon to watch the kids while we drove about an hour and a half South of here to buy a trombone that was listed on Craig's list. I'll post a picture of it soon. Friday we took the kids to back to back doctor's visits. My court case ended before noon, so Daniel picked me up and I went with them to the dentist and eye doctor visits. It turns out that we were right. Latte needs glasses. She should have those in a few more days. Bunny has a potential ear infection forming but her teeth are in great shape.

Sunday we had an extra rehearsal after church for an upcoming "band special" performance that I really feel like I was an after thought in. I was the only person with no part written, so Ron created a bass clef version of the saxophone part. Sunday evening we spent knocking out the grocery shopping and today I managed to get a good amount of school work done, but forgot about the girls' guitar lesson. Daniel took the kids to the park this afternoon and Kevin fell out of the swing and smacked face first into the ground. He's alright, though. We've also been battling Bunny's lice problem all week and did another round of shampoo tonight since I saw her scratching again. Hopefully tomorrow will be fairly stress free.


Anonymous said...

You have a good man. Hold on tight girl!!! Keep up the good work both of you.
I agree about the court system with SAHM.

Dreama's Thoughts said...

hey girl...just a little info for the lice problem...get some TGel shampoo and use that it works great and it isn't as hard on the hair as the other stuff...also if she has alot of nits do a 50/50 mix of oil and vingar and let it sit in the hair for about 2 hours...the the nits come out alot easier also use a metal comb not the plastic one they work better...I had to go thought this with Rylee and that was the only thing that work with me...glad to see you made it back!!

I have a good life said...

WHAT!!! Here in TX if you are responsible during the day for children under 11 (why they chose that age...who knows?) are exempt from Jury duty! What a crock that you had to go. I thought perhaps you wanted to go and do your duty. I didn't know that you HAD to!

cami said...

Wow! I got my jury duty deferred when I had a nursing baby at home, but not as a SAHM/homeschool mom a few years later. I had to have a friend watch the girls, and they missed a week of school (not really a huge deal, but, a reason hs'ing parents should get deferred!). You DH is a trooper!