Friday, January 11, 2008

One Year Later

I thought it might be fun to compare our New Year's family photo from last year with the one I took of the kids this year. It's amazing how much Kevin, especially, has changed. The kid finally has some hair! Danya and Gloria are getting ready to donate their long hair to Locks of Love. We're waiting to do it until Valentine's Day. Although I'm not in the second photo, I can see a major difference in myself since last year. I'm about 15 lbs lighter with a different hair style. Danya and Gloria both seem more grown up. Gloria has gotten so much taller and leaner this year. Most of all, last year we were missing one member of our family. We won't know if Latte gets to stay with us until March, but it already feels as if she's always been here.


Delaina said...

Sending up prayers that things will work out for y'all. I can't wait to see Latte's beautiful little face :). I know the waiting must be the hardest part for y'all.

If you can adopt Latte, will you be able to homeschool her, as well?

Jess said...

We are only allowed to homeschool her once she is officially ours. That's still undecided of course. Her next court hearing is in March, but after the last one in December I really have no clue what will happen. Nothing they said was going to happen last time actually happened in court.

Since she is not yet Kindergarten age, as long as she is in our home we can continue to unofficially teach her. Her case should be decided one way or the other before it becomes an issue for us.