Monday, October 29, 2007

When Dad has the Camera

Sunday afternoon Daniel had to drive to Colorado Springs to meet Latte's foster family at the mall there. It's so hard sending her back each time when we want so much to be able to keep her. Since it was Glory's 6th birthday he let the kids shop and play at the mall. I sent the camera with him and here's the photo he took.

Meanwhile, I was dropped off at the church at 2pm. Band rehearsal for the Christmas concert didn't start until 3:30, so I used the time to practice and go over my music. I didn't get home until 6 that night. It was a very long rehearsal, but we were sounding better by the end.

It was kind of fun having the house to myself until everyone else got home just before 9pm. I watched "50 First Dates" and scrapbooked. A day like that probably won't come around again for a long time!

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