Monday, October 29, 2007

Voting by Mail

Today was the first time we've ever voted by mail-in ballot. It makes me nervous wondering if my vote will actually be counted or if it will get lost in the mail. The votes were for city mayor, city council, director of public schools, and a proposition to increase school spending.

The first two were fairly easy to decide. The public school director issue was silly because there were only 3 people to choose from and it said "choose 3". So they had zero competition. We looked online and could find almost no information about these 3 people except for their names on the school board.

The proposition for schools was asking if we wanted our local public schools to go $132 million dollars deeper into debt to build a new building and buy some new stuff. It had a few other little features like allowing the school to issue loans which seems crazy to me. How can they issue loans if they themselves are that deeply in debt? Daniel says it will probably pass because people always vote yes on anything that is for schools or kids without considering whether it is a good decision or not. We'll see.

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Steve said...

voting by mail is odd, It doesn't give you that involved feeling. I wish we could get a recipt, that assured us that we did in fact vote, and the way WE wanted.