Friday, October 12, 2007

Scheduling Conflict

Last Wednesday night we were able to have dinner with friends at the park behind the church before AWANA. Danya and Gloria have become friends recently with two sisters named Sara and Kinsey. So Daniel and I are attempting to get to know their parents so that we can plan play dates for the kids. Their mom is the director of our church's AWANA program. She is really nice and friendly. The kids got along well and enjoyed playing together, so hopefully we'll get them together more often.

Tonight I got a call from a friend letting me know that one of the girls, Kinsey, is having her birthday party on the same day we had planned Gloria's party. It's on her birthday, October the 28th. We don't want to make people choose between parties, so we have to decide whether to change her party to the day before or the day after. Luckily, our plans are kind of flexible right now. We know she wants a princess and knights party and my friend, the other t-bone player in the praise band, said he'd do a magic show and balloon animals at the party. We want to hand out invitations this Sunday, so we have to decide a date and time quickly.

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