Saturday, October 27, 2007

Corny Kids

The kids absolutely loved playing in the corn kernels. They buried Gloria up to her neck! Kevin loved throwing fistfuls of it. Latte was the first to take off her shoes and the rest of them followed suit. They didn't like constantly dumping corn out of their sneakers.

Gloria assisted another group of kids in stuffing one girls t-shirt full of corn. It was bulging out all around her and they just kept dumping more in through the neck hole. Latte showed Kevin how to "swim" through the corn. Poor Kevin, he couldn't figure out how to stand up, much less walk on all that shifting sliding corn.

This was the most fun activity at the pumpkin patch, and it was the only thing that was free. Of course, I'll be picking corn out of my car and out of the rug for a long time to come. They had quite a bit of it stuck in their clothing when they came home. We caught Kevin just as he was trying to eat some.

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christina said...

gloria looks so grown up in this pic.