Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Bow vs. The Package

I've heard that even if the package a gift is in isn't that great, you can make it seem beautiful by putting a gorgeous bow on it. So today we not only worked hard to get the house immaculately clean, I also went out and bought a few little things like new curtains for Latte's room and a table cloth.

We've been frustrated by those curtains ever since we bought them. This time I went simple with two straight tabbed panels, light green to match the walls. The new table cloth seems to really make the kitchen feel more dressed up. I like it a lot. Daniel says it just completes the picnic table look of our kitchen table. He's a guy. What does he know about decor? He did hang the new picture in the living room that I've been asking him to without having to be reminded today. I like the picture because it looks like the pond I grew up next to.

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