Saturday, October 27, 2007

Six is Sweet!

Today was Gloria's sixth birthday party. She had so much fun running around with all her friends dressed as princesses and knights! The older kids enjoyed the magic show and all the kids loved the balloon animals.

Gloria was so excited when he made a balloon rose for her. She wondered how "Mr. Ron the Magic Man" knew that her middle name is Rose. Don't you love happy coincidences? She was also ecstatic that most of her gifts were Barbie related. When she opened a Ken doll one of the kids said, "Oh, look! It's a man Barbie!"

We lost some of the party supplies. We couldn't find the large picture that we were going to use to play "Pin the Tail on the Unicorn". The kids did get to search for "diamonds" and color a giant felt fantasy poster with a dragon and castle on it. Now that the party is over we'll hang the poster up in her room. Latte arrived already wearing a princess costume, so she didn't get to be Cinderella. After the guests left we took Latte and our other kiddos to the park to play. She got to drive the Cinderella car with Kevin as her passenger. She informed us that "That boy can't drive!" It's been a long fun day. We have to bring Latte home tomorrow by dinner time, but we're all looking forward to bringing her to our church first and having her first overnight visit tonight.

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christina said...

tell gloria happy birthday for us!