Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Outback Territory

On Tuesday we went to this park near Latte's home with her and her foster mom and foster brother. First we drove to Latte and "A's" school to pick them up from preschool.

Latte was excited to see me. She had me carry the paper pumpkin she decorated out to the car and she held my hand while we walked. She was mad that she couldn't ride in our van, but we couldn't let her see that all her stuff was in there because it might upset her. Her foster mom convinced her to get in their car by promising that I would ride with them in the passenger seat.

The kids had a great time at the park. They liked the swings. Daniel gave Latte an underdog and she thought that was great. Later we all sat in a wooden vehicle and I pretended to fly it while Daniel shook it and all the kids hung on for dear life laughing like crazy. Then we all pretended to jump out and open our parachutes. At first Latte looked at us like we were nuts, but then she played with us and jumped out of the "plane" and into my arms. I think maybe she isn't used to adults truly playing and being silly.

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