Monday, October 22, 2007

First Time Hot Tubbin'

We arrived in the town that Latte currently lives in at noon. We met Latte, her foster mom "J", and her foster brother "A", at Burger King. The kids had a good time and played well together in the play land. Latte talked to the girls but didn't say much to Daniel or I at first.

When it was time to go I asked "A" if he wanted to go swimming with us. He said, "Yes" and a few minutes later Latte said, "I'm coming too, okay?" Before that, although she didn't actually talk to me, I asked her if she'd like to come to Gloria's birthday party this weekend. I told her she could dress up like a princess and there would be a magic show. She grabbed the net on the side of the play land and jumped up and down saying, "Yea! Yea! Yea!"

At the pool, for some reason she suddenly decided that she trusted me. She jumped into my arms and we swam together the whole time. She liked jumping off the steps and having me catch her. Once she jumped when I wasn't expecting it and almost knocked me over! We played whirlpool, with her hanging onto my arm as I spun in a circle. She chased the beach ball with Kevin and sat on the edge of the hot tub with Daniel. The water in the hot tub was scorching hot, so no one wanted to be in there much. She would get mad at me if I got out of the pool and demand that I get back in, lol. This was Kevin's first time in a hot tub, so I had to get a picture of him, too.

The whole event went so well that we just didn't want the day to end! So we went to her foster home to play on their swingset and see where she lives. They already have all her things packed to move. The girls played together with Latte's dollhouse. She also let me push her on the swing. Her foster mom even said we could take her out for the evening! So we took her to McDonald's for dinner.

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