Friday, October 19, 2007

Food For Thought

Today I had the girls get a little silly and creative with apples. They each got to draw on their apple to make an "apple person" with a face and arms. Then Danya had to write a story about an apple and Glory wrote a poem about her apple.

After that we read about the benefits to our bodies that we get from different vitamins. They had to run around the house reading food labels and make a list of which ones had vitamin A,B,C, or D. They both got a kick out of that and were surprised that some foods that they thought would be healthy, turned out not to have anything very good in it.

Here's Gloria's poem:
Green and Crunchy
Sticky Skin
No stem

Danya's story isn't quite finished yet. I'm sure she'll want to post it on her blog when she's done, because it's starting out really good. You can see she's thinking hard about it in this photo. Also in this photo you can see the envelope from a letter we got from our homeschool pen pals from Oklahoma, Courtney and Megan. They say that "mail begets mail" and it's very true! Since we began having the girls include letter writing as part of our weekly homeschool lessons they've received letters from Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida! They are saving the letters and envelopes. If anyone reading this lives in another state and would like pen pals for their kids, Danya and Gloria would love to write to you!

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