Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Unexpected Goodbye

We got a message from our county yesterday saying that there had been a mixup in the placement of Curly Top and The King. Apparently they were supposed to be placed in a different county and since we aren't licensed as foster parents for that county they would have to be moved.

Today we were told that it was definite, so we packed up their things. It's amazing how much stuff they had accumulated in just four days. We decided to celebrate The King's first birthday today since we won't get to be with him tomorrow on his actual birthday. We wrapped his gifts and went to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch.

On the way the new caseworker called and said she has a family for them. Their new foster parents will be taking Curly Top, The King, and their new baby brother, which is great, but it's their first placement and they don't have any children. So, this may be quite a shock for them. I included a letter about their likes/dislikes and bedtime routine in the backpack we put their things in and added my phone number on it in case she has any questions or needs advice. We said goodbye to them outside of Chuck E. Cheese. I think Curly Top knew something was up because she was being very quiet. We sure are going to miss them both.

I added this photo because you can't identify them from it. I think it's better than the other method I've seen where people post a picture with their face blurred out.


I have a good life said...

I can tell that it is already hard to say goodbye. It must be so difficult to be a kid in the foster care system...where you are moved about so much.

Jess said...

It's so crazy when county lines and paperwork are more important than stability for kids. I'm just going to pray that this new foster mom doesn't decide it's too much for her in a week or so. I'd hate for the kids to get yanked around again.

Anonymous said...

It's so sad. I'm sorry for all. I guess it was a fun week anyway.


christina said...

i am so sorry , i am so sadd for all! we will pray for thier best. and for your best too!