Friday, October 19, 2007

Ball in the Fall

The weather has been so finicky this fall. The mornings are so cold, the afternoons are cool and windy, and it finally warms up by dinner time. Today was so nice we had to go out and play just after 4 o'clock.

I was tied to the house because I was expecting calls from our county DHS about Latte. So I let the girls play soccer within sight of the house over at the park. Kevin wanted to go with them so badly, but I made him stay in the front yard. I gave him a football as compensation and he had a great time...coloring on it with purple chalk. When the girls were done playing they came back home and Danya said, "Mommy I won! The score was 14 to 2! Although, that might be because Gloria's goal was up hill and mine was down."

The main placement person, "R", did call me. She is arranging a hotel room for Monday. We'll arrive around lunch time and Latte and her foster mom, "J", and her favorite foster brother, "A", who is 3 will all come to the hotel to swim with us in the indoor pool. Then we'll stay the night and visit her at her foster home the next day. On Wednesday "J" will bring Latte to spend the day with us and if all goes well, she'll have an overnight visit. Then "R" will bring her back home on Thursday. Then Latte's foster mom will pack everything up (which she says is A LOT) that belongs to Latte and she will move in with us this weekend on Friday or Saturday!! We're excited, but it will be hectic since Gloria's birthday party is Saturday morning. I'm thrilled that it will all happen so fast!


I have a good life said...

It is happening fast for you and Latte. I hope it all goes well. How very exciting. BTW: We live in TX, but if they need more pen pals, my little K would love to write your girls. She is 8.

Jess said...

That would be great! Our TX friends just moved to KS, so all we have left in TX is an aunt whose son is just a toddler.