Sunday, December 04, 2005

Daniel Turns 29!

The end of an age, that's what this is. But don't think "poor Daniel, almost 30". Instead be happy with him that he's achieving his goal! My amazing wonderful husband determined that he would lose all the excess weight he's been slowly gaining over the last decade before his 30th birthday next year. The most incredible part is that he decided this in October and has already lost 27 lbs just a week after Thanksgiving!

Ignore the enormous dessert in the picture, because this isn't what he's been eating the last couple of months. He only had a couple of bites of this free dessert when his parents took us all out to Rib Crib in Stillwater for his birthday. The girls enjoyed most of it. No, Daniel has been eating very sensibly. At any given time you can also see him stretching and doing squats in the living room. He makes a regular habit of walking up and down several flights of stairs at work these days, too.

Daniel is on track to be celebrating his 30th birthday next year in style. He's already looking better and feeling better. Currently he's hoping to start playing raquetball with a friend from church. I can't begin to say how proud of him we all are! Go Daniel!!

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