Sunday, December 04, 2005

Family Pride!

You would think that I'm adding this photo because it's such a nice photo of Daniel's family.

It is a good picture of Daniel's siblings, his mom, and two of his uncles, David and Terry, and Terry's son little David. But you see, I have an ulterior motive. I went through all my recent pictures and realized that THIS is the best full body shot of Daniel I have right now. The truth is that I'm publishing this photo to my blog to BRAG!

Just look at the HOTTIE I get to be married to!! Daniel is down to about 170 lbs now. He's within about 15 lbs of his goal weight. I can't get over it! Every now and then I'll be sitting down with the girls and then I'll look up and be struck all over again at how different he looks lately. In the last couple of months he has simply dissolved before my eyes! There's so much less of him to hug!

Lately I find myself making sure my hair looks good and walking a little differently when I think he's watching. Losing 20 lbs myself doesn't hurt either. It's a weird combination to be wondering if I'm catching my handsome husband's eye one minute, while trying to make my fatigue and nausea from pregnancy less obvious the next. I'm really looking forward to next year when the baby will be past the first few months of sleepless nights and I can compete with Daniel again to lose weight, keep active, and look goood. I'm confident that now that we understand the keys to weight loss and healthy living we will never go back to the old way. It's just too much fun being thinner!


Nichole M said...

Congratulations to you both on your successful weight loss! It's a huge accomplishment.

Toni said...

you two look great!!!! I'm very proud of the both of you. You look good before, but I'm glad your both taking better care of your health