Saturday, December 24, 2005

Aunt Jennie - We Love You!

It was so much fun getting a surprise package from Daniel's sister, Jennie! The girls were shocked and I was excited to see that I actually got the most presents!! She included some "baby gifts" which turned out to be maternity clothes for me. I've been wearing the purple Old Navy shirt everywhere, by the way, Jen! And the pants came just in time because I'm already expanding.

Daniel's shirt is too big because he shrunk lately, but he plans to get a duplicate in a medium after Christmas. His exact words when he saw the shirt were, "Jennie always hooks me up!" (referring to clothing) I about fell over laughing to hear him use a phrase like that!

Aunt Jennie truly is the best in the family at getting great gifts and remembering everyone's birthdays and anniversaries and such. Unfortunately for Jennie, her big brother Daniel is one of the worst. He admitted to me this morning that although he THOUGHT he'd mailed out all the Christmas cards like I asked him to, somehow he found the card for Jennie & Matt in our van today. So, Jennie, we're sorry, but yours will be a little late this year. Feel free to kick Daniel.

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