Thursday, December 08, 2005

First Snow of the Season

It snowed all last night! Daniel and the girls were out in it a little with our neighbor's two girls, Sara and Sydney, traveling to and from Awanas at church. I was pretty worried, but they made it safely. Last night, after Danya and Gloria were asleep, Daniel and I stood by the back doors, looking out through the glass at the falling snow. It was absolutely beautiful!

This morning we were all excited to get bundled up and go play outside! We all put on two or three layers of clothing and dug out our hats and gloves from last year. Our girls really need better gloves. They had to share a pair of actual snow gloves, each wearing one on one hand, and a pair of flimsy cotton gloves that are a little too small. Poor things!

Daniel drug them on the sled down the driveway a few times and we ran around making tracks in the snow. Then we loaded up in the van and set out to find a big hill! We found a great one! Daniel took each of the girls down in turns a few times, and then Danya and Gloria gripped their courage tight and went down just the two of them!! I was so proud of them! Daniel and I were jumping up and down yelling encouragement to them as they whooshed down the steep snowy hillside! We also got to share our sled with another family whose inner tube wasn't suited to sledding in such a small amount of snow. We had a great time! Finally, when our noses were going numb in the freezing cold air, we headed home to have hot chocolate and marshmellows. What a perfect day!

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