Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Reading Power!

After my doctor's visit we took the girls to the downtown Tulsa Central Library. We picked up some new books for this week in homeschool. We've chosen to learn about the ocean and it's creatures. While we were there at the library we read a book about whales.

Danya and Gloria also each picked out some regular reading books. Danya was excited to find an entire bookshelf full of beginning reader books that she can read! I recently re-read the Oklahoma Dept. of Education's list of skills a Kindergartner should have mastered by the end of the school year. It was pretty exciting to see how she was blowing their list out of the water!

As a matter of fact, Gloria has actually mastered almost all of the Kindergarten level skills! She's still working on alphabet letter recognition, so we'll continue to focus on that for the remainder of the school year. She can already read and write several small words like: love, daddy, mommy, go, I, and her own and her sister's names, but that's more memorization than actual phonics awareness.

Currently, her favorite thing is lists. She asks me to write a list of things for her to do and then she makes a box with a checkmark in it next to each task as she completes it. If I can't think of any jobs she gives me suggestions! Last night Daniel and the girls helped me get the whole house clean (amidst much grumping and tears), so today she was disappointed that I didn't have anything new to put on a list for her. So she suggested she clean her room a little more. You can bet I wasn't about to argue, lol!

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