Sunday, December 11, 2005

God's Candy Canes

Gloria is enjoying one of the many icicles she found while we were outside learning about winter. We explained how they are formed and I told her they were like "God's candy canes", lol. She loved them and kept hunting for more!

Danya found perfectly frozen grass inside of a chunk of ice. The girls were surprised when they finally understood that snow used to be water, and that when it melts it's just going back to what it was before. Daniel and the girls did experiments (or "experiences" as Danya calls them) with pouring salt and water onto the snow and watching the results after a minute and then several minutes later.

Oh, and you might think it's snowing in this picture of Gloria. You would be wrong. That white cloud above her head just came flying from her Daddy who thought it was funny to try and make the girls think it was snowing. It's hard to see, but he has a shovel in his hands and he's tossing huge heaps of snow at her. Yes, it IS like having a third child sometimes, lol.

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