Saturday, December 24, 2005

Friends at the Holidays!

It's a good feeling, watching our girls get older and developing friendships. I wonder, looking at them with their friends from church and our neighborhood, whether they will still all be friends as teenagers, having sleepovers and talking about boys more than dolls. I also wonder how much their friendships are based upon whether their parents are friends or not.

The other day Gloria went to a friend's birthday party all by herself. We dropped her off before the party and picked her up afterwards. Daniel arranged it all. He thought later that I was upset with him for making plans without checking with me...but that wasn't it at all. What had me on the brink of tears was that my baby was growing up! I'm not ready for her to be so independent! I'm not ready for their friends' opinions to matter more than their mom's. I'm not ready for their own fashion in clothing to be more important than Barbie's. I am sooo not ready for the Christmas that their wish list consists entirely of clothing and electronics, or the first birthday where they ask me to just give them cash.

Gloria asks me why I still call her "baby" sometimes. I've told her that she's stuck with it. She and Danya will be my babies for life. Although my grip will loosen, I'll never completely let go.

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