Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Oh, Baby!

Here's a picture of me outside my doctor's office holding the first ultrasound photos of our little Elliott-in-progress. This appointment went much better than our last 5 hour ordeal. I got some more samples of those chewable prenatal vitamins. Mostly we were just relieved to see the baby alive and well.

The day before my appointment I had woken up with some light bleeding which, as you can imagine, scared me somewhat. Dr. Christy assured us everything looks good and we even got to hear the little heartbeat. Our next visit is scheduled for January 10th. Our doctor is nice enough to do an ultrasound at every visit usually, so we might be able to see by then whether we're having a girl or a boy. Either way, at least now we know it's only one baby. Dr. Christy said that I'm just showing sooner because this is my third child. So it's on to maternity pants for me!

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