Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Joe and Arlene Moffett

On Tuesday after lunch we went to visit Daniel's grandparents. They were a little overwhelmed with 9 great grandkids decending on their little room. They gave each of the kids a stuffed animal for Christmas.

We all went outside to give the kids a little room to run around. Then the kids sang songs for their great grandparents that they had practiced including a couple that Danya had just taught her cousins. They were incredibly cute and caught the attention of several people passing by.

Great-grandma Arlene's hair has grown very long lately and she was wearing a new headband that Jennie had sent her. She had a wild time trying to hold each of the babies, Jadon and Jordan, since they were being very wiggly! It was fun to think that next year Joe and Arlene will have 10 great grandkids visiting at Christmas time! (and 11 all together if Shalom were there) Well, fun for me to imagine, but maybe a little overwhelming for them. I think all the other residents were amazed at the number of children pouring out of the Moffetts' room!

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