Wednesday, December 28, 2005


The girls and I gave Daniel a new racquetball racquet and balls for Christmas, so he just had to try them out with his dad while we were visiting! We went to the Cushing Youth Center after saying goodbye to the Moffetts and the Maxwells in Stillwater.

We watched Daniel and Grandpa Wayne play for a while, and I even took a turn for a few minutes! Poor Wayne kept falling down and once even slammed his head into the glass wall! Then Daniel hit his dad in the back with a ball...OUCH! But despite Daniel's wild dives and Wayne's crashes, they both were having a blast! Once Daniel leapt backwards and the ball flew so close in front of his belly that if he hadn't just lost 30 lbs he definitely would have been hit! After they were done playing we went out to eat at a new deli in Cushing called Neipheh's.

Daniel, with his new gear, is set now for upcoming games with the two Mike's from our church. Hopefully he'll get lots of chances to play since it's such a great aerobic sport for him. He's set a goal to be at his target weight before his next birthday. I think he'll be there waaay before then!

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