Friday, December 16, 2005

Christmas Choir Surprise!

Danya looked beautiful in her new dress at her choir performance last Sunday! She was positioned directly in front of the microphone, so we could hear her voice clearly singing out above the others. Daniel and I kept grinning at each other...okay, we were indulging in a little pridefulness, but she really was adorable! We always tell her to sing pretty, but to make sure that the grandmas and grandpas at the back of the church can hear her, and she sure does!

When we got to the church in time for the last practice right before the performance, we got a little surprise. It turned out to be a real blessing that we had acccidentally purchased a duplicate dress for Gloria because when we got there all her Sunday school friends were there and dressed up. We found out that Gloria was supposed to be singing too!! A friend told us that apparently a note was sent home in her Cubbies bag the Wednesday before, telling us about the performance. We didn't notice it among her other papers, so we were taken completely by surprise on Sunday! Even Gloria didn't know she was going to be singing!

So we left the girls with their classes and Daniel and I enjoyed a rare opportunity to slip off and have a quiet dinner together at McAlister's. Well, the performance started out a little rocky when one of the girls in the pre-K group broke down and started wailing for her mommy right into the microphone. Daniel and I were just relieved that for once it wasn't Danya. I'm so glad that she has finally grown more confident with public performances.

Gloria, of course, has always been a ham and a class clown, so she is fearless on stage. She's usually the one trying to get attention. That night, though, she seemed determined to sing all her songs with a scowl on her face. She finally lightened up when she saw her teacher making huge smiley gestures with her fingers by her mouth. I'm not sure if she knew her teacher was signaling her to smile, or if she was just grinning because her teacher looked so funny doing that. I'll just add one final picture here of the stage and you can play "Where's Waldo?" and try to find Gloria in the mass of kids. Merry Christmas!

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