Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas in the "Hood"

Here are the 5 oldest Maxwells (with Gloria and Danya on either end of the girls) in their new Christmas hoodies from Aunt Jennie!

These came in extraordinarily handy the very next day when we went to visit their great grandparents and spent a little time outside. It was pretty windy and everyone ran for jackets.

Speaking of extremely cute and fashionable clothing, the Maxwell twins were looking pretty adorable in their matching OU Sooner outfits! All the Maxwell boys seemed to be wearing Sooner fan gear, but I never did learn whether they were new Christmas presents or not. I have to post this photo of the twins in their OU outfits. And I issue anyone reading this post a challenge: if you think you have a picture of a baby from Christmas this year that is cuter than this one of my nephews, please tell me about it in the comments and post a link so that I can see it and scoff...I mean admire it. Because, seriously, these are the most attractive babies ever!

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